Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Romance in the air...

Ophelia: Mama, is it yours?

Mama: Baby, that's for you.
Ophelia: Oh really?! I can't wait to open it.

Ophelia (almost wanna cry): For me?! Oh my the new clothes are so pretty...I love the romance and vintage feel! Totally my cup of tea!

As a result, she have been modeling the new clothes the whole afternoon.
Pity me become the photographer but I'm glad the clothes suit her very well.

Love the purple overall the most!

Lovely white lace top! Very good for mix and match!
I hand sew the blue skirt for her.

Patchwork overall! Love the yellow and blue colour combo.
So vintage feel ~~~

Winter coat?! Yea I prepare for her too...XD

Ohpelia: Mama, when we gonna have our first outdoor photo session yea?
Mama (silence):.................................................(-___________-)|||


  1. I love Ophelia, her purple dress with lace and her pink coat with black colour. The outfits are adorable on her!!!! -rhubs

  2. Hi rhubs!
    Thanks for dropping by!
    I'm glad you love Ophelia too...she is my precious little friend!

    Yea the clothes are so fine and pretty! Phew, I spent a lot since I own Ophelia...T,T

  3. Hye there Karen,

    It's me Wana :D
    I saw Ophelia's blog url from your Flickr.
    I also have made one blog for my Mia :D
    Can I link u?

    Ophelia is so pretty! Where did you buy those pretty clothes of her? Especially the purple one, so sweet!

  4. Hi Wana!
    Nice to meet you.
    Thanks for visiting Ophelia's blog.
    Yeah let's exchange link!

    About Ophelia's clothes, I bought from a girl from Taiwan. Her brand named reve de Rui*
    I really love her handmade doll clothes!

  5. Yay! Thanks Karen =)
    Yeah, her handmade looks awesome!
    Really worth buying, i must say =)
    Can't wait to see Ophelia's outdoor shooting ;)

  6. Wana, you are welcome!
    About outdoor shooting, I decided to bring her along during my June vacation in Redang Island ^^

  7. i want a blythe too! gee. too bad they got no blythe here. and i might saving up for more cash first.