Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Romance in the air...

Ophelia: Mama, is it yours?

Mama: Baby, that's for you.
Ophelia: Oh really?! I can't wait to open it.

Ophelia (almost wanna cry): For me?! Oh my the new clothes are so pretty...I love the romance and vintage feel! Totally my cup of tea!

As a result, she have been modeling the new clothes the whole afternoon.
Pity me become the photographer but I'm glad the clothes suit her very well.

Love the purple overall the most!

Lovely white lace top! Very good for mix and match!
I hand sew the blue skirt for her.

Patchwork overall! Love the yellow and blue colour combo.
So vintage feel ~~~

Winter coat?! Yea I prepare for her too...XD

Ohpelia: Mama, when we gonna have our first outdoor photo session yea?
Mama (silence):.................................................(-___________-)|||

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blythe Macaron and Whipped Cream Hair Clips

I like handmade.
I love to do craft to kill time.
Although, final year in campus is really hectic but this never stop me from starting an online business selling my own handmade things.
I love to make macaron and whipped cream accessories.
Before I own a Blythe, I always have an idea to make hair accessories for them.
Finally I make it!
Now my girl, Ophelia gonna be my model.
Hehe XD
Here she is, displaying my handmade macaron and whipped cream hair clips!
Thank you Ophelia!

My Etsy shop: The Strawberry Girl

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Home Alone

I haven't bring Ophelia out to take photo.
Hmm maybe after my final papers.
So here some photos of her taken at home.

Love the purple eye chips!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ophelia is customized...

Sorry I don't mean to frighten you but where is my head?

Ophelia is a beautiful girl when I first receive her but I decided to customize her to give her more personalities and get rid of her oily face. This is because her oily face has a lot of reflection when taking photo. So I made up my mind to open her head. Although she is RBL type, but the head opening process still very painful and horrible. I exerted a lot of force on her head, then only manage to open it. Now my arm muscle pain.

Anyway I am very satisfy with the result. On Friday night, I washed her hair because her hair is a bit sticky, oily and smell unpleasant too. So after the hair washing session, her hair become smoother and smell good! I used fabric softener and warm water to wash her hair. Then on Saturday afternoon, I started customizing her face and eyes.

Customizing activities that have been done on Ophelia's face:

1. Sand Matting
2. Change eye lashes
3. Change eye chips
4. Change make up

This is her oily face before sand matte.

Eye chips and sanding sponge from CoolCat.
I did not used up the sanding sponge. If anyone interested, I can sell half the sanding sponge.
The superfine sanding sponge is 600++ grit.
The ultrafine sanding sponge is 1000++ grit.
Leave me a comment if you are interested.

Tada! The result...

Orange plum blossom eyes chips

Bi colour smooth candy eye chips

Black plum blossom eye chips

And new eye lashes...